Our Donors

Our most gracious appreciation to our recent Donors

Marion Therapeutic Riding Association could not even begin to provide the services we offer if not for the generous gifts of our donors. This page is devoted to recognizing these valuable people and businesses and we will try to keep it as up to date as possible.

If you wish to make a tax-deductible contribution to MTRA, whether a donation in-kind of services or materials or in much needed funding, please download a Donor Form or use the secure Donation button on this page.

SECRETARIAT DONORS (Annual gifts of $2,500 or more)
Dr. Cindy Allen, DVM, Alachua, FL  7/17
Amy Tarrant Foundation, Burlington, VT 7/17
Bart & Janny Bongers, The Villages, FL12/17
A.J. & Cece Brune, Midland, TX, in honor of Sally Lyle 6/18  6/18
Jeffrey & Kristy Compton, Ocala, FL  7/17
Karen Cunningham, Ocala, FL
Cunningham Fluid Power, Ocala, FL  10/17
Dave Carter & Associates, Ocala, FL 7/17
Dunedin Wandering Diva’s, The Villages, FL 12/17
Fastrack Staffing, Ocala, FL 4/16517
Multiple Sclerosis Foundation Grant (1/16)
Jeff & Kathy Parker, Apple Valley, MN 12/17
Parady Financial Group, The Villages, FL  12/17
Rancho Pasouna (Katreena Haley), Dunnellon, FL  9/17
Seminole Feed, Ocala, FL
The Sexauer Foundation, Ocala, FL  1/17
The Villages Friends of MTRA, The Villages, FL
Mitchel & Mary Jo Ward, Summerfield, FL 12/17
Wells Fargo, Minneapolis, MN (9/16)

MAN O’WAR DONORS (Annual gifts of $1,000-2,499)
Bruce & Susie Beck, The Villages, FL 1/17
Berrettini Feed, Ocala, FL
The Bucks Company, Org for International Advancement, The Villages, FL In Memory of George Derk 10/17 10/17
Farm Credit, Ocala, FL  5/18
Ralph & Connie Flood, The Villages, FL
Pamela Bliss French, Earlysville, VA 1/17
Tammy Gantt, Ocala, FL 12/17
Sara Geimer, NAR, funded by Wells Fargo on behalf of Karen Cunningham 12/17
Bobbi Hager/Schwab Charitable Trust, Gainesville FL  4/17
Hometown Civitan Club, The Villages, FL  7/17
Robert & Martha Howe, Shrewsbury, MA 5/17
Francois Lamontagne, MTRA Family Day at HITS 4/18
Masterworks, Morriston, FL
Misdee Miller, Lakewood Ranch, FL  12/17
Dr. Jerome & Dr. Shirley Modell, Gainesville, FL 12/17
Marion Montanare, Marion Hills Farm, Ocala, FL  1/18
Glen & Chris Moyer, The Villages, FL (16/18
Stephen Ondra, Ocala, FL  12/17
Pilot Club of Ocala, Ocala, FL  9/16 11.17
Sneak-e-Snacks LLC, Anthony, FL
Gail Sonneberg and Robert Maddern, Ocala, FL  12/17
Dr. Mary Beth Stanton & Dr. David Kralovanek, Ocala, FL
Don Stewart Stables, Inc., Ocala, FL  12/17
Gary & Marie Tomlin, Montgomery, AL  2/18
Mart & Patricia Waters – Stick Horse Races, The Villages, FL  (2/17)
Edwin & Nancy White, Orlando, FL  In Memory of George Derk  10/17
Kirk Webby, MTRA Family Day at HITS 4/18

BARBARO LEVEL (Annual gifts of $500-$900)
Mallory Vale, MTRA Family Day at HITS 4/18
Starlight Players, The Villages, FL  6/18
Tri County Optimist Club, The Villages, FL  6/18

ZENYATTA DONOR  (Annual gifts of $250-499)
Garland & Janette Arch, Ocala, FL  3/16
Janet Clements, Jacksonville, FL  5/18
Coast to Coast Club of Stonecrest, Summerfield, FL  12/17
Nicole Coles, Merritt Island, FL  3/17
Howard & Fairy Eskildsen, Ocala, FL 12/17
Dorothy Henry, Ocala, FL  3/17
Kimber Hoopengarner, Ocala, FL  Donation to sponsor Horseshow shirts (5/17)
Lozada Accounting, PA, Ocala, FL  (7/16)
Pat Marlow, Ocala, FL  12/17
Jason Modell, Asheville, NC  (7/16)
Jack & Nancy Roberts, Citra, FL  4/18
Tom & Kathy Sparks, Ocala, FL  12/17
STRIDE Dressage Association, Reddick, FL 12/17

Cheryl Vaughn, in honor of Sally Ann Lyle, Houston, TX 12/17
Penny Wars, Ocala, FL  9/17
Dr. Dana Waters, Ocala, FL  12/17

SEABISCUIT DONORS (Annual gifts of $100-249)
Stanley F. Aaron 2/18
Jim & Mary Lee Bain, In Memory of Harry MacLeod 2/18
Jay & Linda Besecker, The Villages, FL  In Memory of George Derk and Ross Rath 11/17
Anita Bizzotto, Washington, DC 12/17
Robert Black, In Memory of Harry MacLeod2/18
Sara Bohr 2/18
Bonnie Heath Farm, Reddick, FL  12/17
George Brookins 2/18
Eleanor Burdin, Florence, MA  In Honor of Ellie Wright 12/17
Centennial Equestrian Farm, Inc., Palmetto, FL  4/18
Lois Clarke & Mary Davis, The Villages, FL  12/17
Weston Davis 12/17
Jerry Deese, Ocala, FL  6/18
Anita Detterbeck, The Villages, FL In Memory of George Derk and Ross Smith 12/18
Eugene Diamond, Ocala, FL 12/17
Kathy Edgell, Ocala, FL 12/17
Lynn Esapite, Summerfield, FL  2/17
Robert & Kay Estes, Alachua, FL12/17
Denise Evans, Ocala, FL  12/17
Janice Faulkner, Stuart, FL  11/17
Richard & Margaret Fenstermacher, Nesquehoning, PA  In Memory of George Derk 10/17 10/17
Doris Lockey Geier, Lancaster, PA  12/17
Habitat for Humanity, Ocala, FL  12/17
Chloe Hoddinott, Ocala, FL  6/18
Ives & Susan Murray, Grand Junction, CO  12/17
Journeyman Bloodstock Services, Inc., Ocala, FL  5/17 (5/17)
Elizabeth Karsko, Sinking Spring, PA  In Memory of George Derk 8u
Sally Lewis, Ocala, FL  4/18
Live Care Center of America, Inc., Ocala, FL  Donation for Run WIth The Law 5K 11/17
O. Napoleon Monroe, Lancaster, PA  3/17
Helen Moon, Washington, DC  1/18
Robert Moore 2/18
Erik Nygaard, Del Mar, CA  12/17
Robin Onufrock 12/17
William & Claudia Parkhurst, Williston, FL  (7/16)
Recycle All Electronics, Morgan Cole, Ocala, FL  5K Sponsor 2/17
Gordon Reiss Insurance, Ocala, FL  1/18
Bert & Eileen Ritter, Belleview, FL  1/1710/17
Marjorie Richards, Fall Hay Challenge 
Richard Schneider, Ocala, FL 7/17
Marvin and Fran Schrieber, Ocala, FL  12/17
Norman & Barbara Stein, Summerfield, FL 12/17
James & Nancy Steinmark, Summerfield, FL  8/17
Stonecrest Rascals, Summrfield, FL  6/18
Dr. Dana Waters, Sparr, FL  6/18
Shannon Whitaker, Fall Hay Challenge 12/17
Todd & Susan White, The Villages, FL  In Memory of Ken Dobson 6/18
Thea Wilcox, Summerfield, FL  (3/17
Woodview Coffee House, Inc. Hernando, FL  In Memory of Harry MacLeod 2/18

, The
SEATTLE SLEW DONORS (Annual gifts of $50-99)
Robert & Mary Barger, Ocala, FL  (7/16)
David Berglund – in memory of David Whelan 6/18
Berrettini Feed Specialist, Ocala FL  5K Sponsor 11/17
Burner & Associates, Ocala, FL  5K Sponsor 11/17
Ann Marie Chipriano, The Villages, FL  12/17
Patrick & Dana Curley, Newtown Square, PA  In Memory of George Derk 10/17
Vera Derk, The Villages, FL In Memory of Ross Rath 11/17
Good Apple Equine Consignment, Ocala, FL (5/15)
Handsonwoodturners, Inc., In Memory of Harry MacLeod 2/18
Kathy Herndon, Floral City, FL  5/18
Samantha Horne, 12/17
Margaret Jaeger, Pottsville, PA, In Memory of George Derk 12/17
James & Judith McGonigle, Intervale, NH, in Memory of Harry MacLeod, 2/18
Lori Myers, Northumberland, PA, In Memory of George Derk 12/17
National Association of Social Workers, The Villages, FL  2/17
On Top of The World Singles Club, Ocala, FL  4/17
Mary Ozburn, The Villages, FL  In Memory of George Derk 10/17
Eileen Parris 2/18
Constance Price, The Villages, FL  In Memory of Earleen Keyon’s dog Teddy 12/17
Carolyn Rainbow, Ocala, FL  12/17
Jan Rath, The Villages, FL  In Memory of George Derk 10/17
Reachout America 1/18
Marjorie Richards, Reddick, FL  Fall Hay Challenge 12/17
Patricia Roberts, Port Huron, MI In Memory of George Derk 12/17
M.L. Sahr, Ocala, FL  7/17
Roland & Leslie School, Harleysville, PA  In Memory of Ross Rath  12/17
Phyllis Seifert, In Memory of Harry Macleod  5/18
Gene & Roberta Teany, Dunellon, FL  In Memory of Harry MacLeod 2/18
Timothy & Gail Thomas, Towson, MD  In Memory of George Derk 10/17
Donna Valyko, Chardon, OH

RUFFIAN DONORS (Annual gifts of $25-49)
Helena Baldyga, West Hurley, NY  8/17
Laverne & Helena Bement, The Villages, FL  4/18
CafePress.com 1/18
Gerard & Winifred Delgrosso, The Villages, FL  4/18
Deborah Farrell, Gainesville, GA 12/17
Fakhoury Medical and Chiropractic Center, Ocala, FL  8/17
Charles & Rosalind Fox, The Villages, FL  4/18
Charles & Stephanie Gagliardi, The Villages, FL  4/18
Barbara Haus, The Villages, FL  In Memory of George Derk 10/17
Kathleen Heffner, Wyomissing, PA, In Memory of George Derk 12/17
John & Shirley Iorio, The Villages, FL  In Memory of George Derk 10/17
Barbara Keedy, Ocala, FL  12/17
Dustin Keuntjes 12/17
Daniel & Pamela Klick, The Villages, FL  4/18
James & Diane Rouse, The Villages, FL  In Memory of George Derk 10/17
Robert & Concetta Schalles, The Villages, FL  In Memory of George Derk 10/17
Alex & Maria Schrader, The Villages, FL  In Memory of George Derk 12/17
Albert & Nancy Trapuzzano, Hollywood, PA In Memory of Ross Rath 11/17
Joanne White, Sequim, WA  4/18

(Annual gifts of under $25)
Evelyn Brauer, The Villages, FL  In Memory of George Derk 10/17
Sherry Herndon, Inverness, FL 1/17
Lisa Hunter, Ocala, FL  (7/16)sssssssssssssssass
David & Susan Jaman, The Villages, FL In Memory of George Derk,  11/17
Paula Kamman, Fall Hay Challenge 12/17
Diane Keris, Ocala, FL  12/17
Randy & Coleen Peiz, The Villages, FL  11/17
Nancy Simpkins, The Villages, FL  In Memory of George Derk 11/17
Joseph Violanti, Sr., The Villages, FL  In Memory of George Derk 10/17