Wonder Flight aka Major Tom
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Wonder Flight aka Major Tom
As featured in The Morgan Horse magazine!

Major Tom and our Veteran rider, Jason Vickness, were featured in an article in the Morgan breed journal in April 2023. We are so proud of our boys!

Special thanks to The Morgan Horse magazine for their permission to share this article.

Major Tom


From kill pen to the life of Riley!

Reg. Morgan Gelding | AMHA 164053 | f. 2003 | Major Tom was an Amish buggy horse in Maryland for the first phase of his life, then was discarded at an auction in August 2021 when his usefulness expired. Forever Morgans, a rescue organization, discovered him in a kill pen with neglected feet and health, suspecting he was a Morgan horse. Picked up by a loving foster in Maryland, Joanna Kelly, he was rehabilitated to prepare him for his new life in a suitable home. Forever Morgans worked with MTRA to prepare him with schooling and meeting his health care needs while we fundraised for transportation to bring him to his new southern home in January 2022.

Tom quickly adjusted to life at MTRA and is now a favorite in our program, working in classes and earning accolades for the Morgan breed every day. He is quiet, charming and enjoying this stage of his life! We are grateful to our friends at Forever Morgans for their care and cooperation that brought Tom to MTRA.

New flash! Major Tom’s DNA came back as a match in the American Morgan Horse Registry’s database! His registered name is WONDER FLIGHT (Chiques Rocky x Citation’s Cindy), and we are so pleased that we were able to participate in the rescue and rehabilitation of this sweet gelding.


We are so honored to hear that Tom has been awarded Therapy Horse of the Year from the American Morgan Horse Association! He’ll be receiving his honor during the UPHA National Conference held January 24-27, 2024 in Lexington, KY.

Wonder Flight aka Major Tom