Our Donors

Our most gracious appreciation to our recent Donors

Marion Therapeutic Riding Association could not even begin to provide the services we offer if not for the generous gifts of our donors. This page is devoted to recognizing these valuable people and businesses and we will try to keep it as up to date as possible.

If you wish to make a tax-deductible contribution to MTRA, whether a donation in-kind of services or materials or in much needed funding, please download a Donor Form or use the secure Donation button on this page.

SECRETARIAT DONORS (Annual gifts of $2,500 or more)
Dr. Cindy Allen, DVM, Alachua, FL  7/17
Amy Tarrant Foundation, Burlington, VT 7/17
Belleview United Methodist Church, Belleview, FL  (Sponsor Wesley) 5/16
Elizabeth Cannon, The Villages, FL  1/17
Jeffrey & Kristy Compton, Ocala, FL  7/17
Karen Cunningham, Ocala, FL
Dave Carter & Associates, Ocala, FL 7/17
Dunedin Wandering Diva’s, The Villages, FL5/17
Fastrack Staffing, Ocala, FL 4/16517
Live Oak Plantation, Ocala, FL  5/17
Marion County Road Builders Foundation, Ocala, FL  2/16
Dr. Jerome & Dr. Shirley Modell, Gainesville, FL
Jan Nesom, Ocala, FL (11/15)
Live Oak International, Ocala, FL (4/15)
Multiple Sclerosis Foundation Grant (1/16)
Ocala Equine Hospital, Ocala, FL (1/15)
Pasofino Sociagro, LLC, Ocala, FL (11/16)
Mary Potapow, Ocala, FL (1/15)
Rancho Pasouna (Katreena Haley), Dunnellon, FL  9/17
Seminole Feed, Ocala, FL
The Sexauer Foundation, Ocala, FL  1/17
The Villages Friends of MTRA, The Villages, FL
Mitchel & Mary Jo Ward, Summerfield, FL 7/17
Wells Fargo, Minneapolis, MN (9/16)

MAN O’WAR DONORS (Annual gifts of $1,000-2,499)
Berrettini Feed, Ocala, FL
Bart & Janny Bongers, The Villages, FL  1/17
Cunningham Fluid Power, Ocala, FL  10/16
Ralph & Connie Flood, The Villages, FL
Florida Thoroughbred Breeders & Owners Association, Ocala, FL  10/16
Pamela Bliss French, Earlysville, VA 1/17
Hometown Civitan Club, The Villages, FL  7/17
Craig McCaw on behalf of Dominic Larkin, Kirkland, WA  1/17
Mary Gaylord McClean Foundation, Simpsonville, KY  1/16
Wendy Pape, Tampa, FL  3/16
Jeff & Kathy Parker, Apple Valley, MN5/16
Pilot Club of Ocala, Ocala, FL  9/16
The Sexauer Foundation,Ocala, FL  9/16
Dr. Mary Beth Stanton & Dr. David Kralovanek, Ocala, FL
Sneak-e-Snacks LLC, Anthony, FL
Southern Regional Paso Fino Horse Association, Inc., Ocala, FL
Gary & Marie Tomlin, Montgomery, AL  (3/17)
Misdee Wrigley & James Miller Charitable Foundation, Inc., Lakewood Ranch, FL 1/17

BARBARO DONORS (Annual gifts of $500-999)
American Legion, Post 284, Belleview, FL  1/15Marie
Bruce & Susie Beck, The Villages, FL 1/17
Tammy Gantt, Ocala, FL  (11/16)
Bobbi Hager/Schwab Charitable Trust, Gainesville FL  4/17
Robert & Martha Howe, Shrewsbury, MA 5/17
Masterworks, Morriston, FL
Glen & Chris Moyer, The Villages, FL (11/16)
Parady Financial Group, The Villages, FL  6/17
Peavy Clothing Services, Ocala, FL  (7/16)
Priority Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. 12/16
Angela Santos VFW Post 4781, Ocala, FL  8/16
Gail Sonneberg Ocala, FL  1/16
STRIDE Dressage Association, Reddick, FL  9/15
Tri-County Optimist Club Florida, Inc., The Villages, FL  7/17
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Marion County, Summerfield, FL  2/17
Vets Memorial Post 347, Lady Lake, FL  8/17
VFW Belleview Memorial Post 8083 Bingo Account, Belleview, FL  10/16
Mart & Patricia Waters – Stick Horse Races, The Villages, FL  (2/17)

ZENYATTA DONOR  (Annual gifts of $250-499)
Garland & Janette Arch, Ocala, FL  3/16
Nicole Coles, Merritt Island, FL  3/17
Danielle’s Foundation, Philadelphia, PA 1/17
P. Giordano, The Villages, FL  12/16
Dorothy Henry, Ocala, FL  3/17
Kimber Hoopengarner, Ocala, FL  Donation to sponsor Horseshow shirts (5/17)
In Sync Swimmers, Summerfield, FL  5/16
Lozada Accounting, PA, Ocala, FL  (7/16)
Pat Marlow, Ocala, FL  8/17
Jason Modell, Asheville, NC  (7/16)
Bruce & Barbara Reissfelder, Ocala, FL  1/17 
Stonecrest Veterans Club, Summerfield, FL  1/17
Cheryl Vaughn, in honor of Sally Ann Lyle, Houston, TX  1/17
Penny Wars, Ocala, FL  9/17

SEABISCUIT DONORS (Annual gifts of $100-249)
Garland & Janet Arch, Ocala, FL in honor of Karen Cunningham’s Birthday 5/17  5/17
Robert & Pat Boyce, Fruitland Park, FL  11/16
Deborah Camp, Ocala, FL  5/16
Carson & Zaukas Families in Memory of James Byron Hobson 4/16
Gregory & Nancy Chaump, Summerfield, FL  10/16
Danny & Joyce Clark, Somerset, KY  1/16
Danny & Wanda Clark, The Villages, FL  12/16
Aliye Cullu, Ocala, FL  5/16
Community Bank & Trust, Ocala FL  2/16
Lawrence & Edna Deal, Groton, MA in Memory of James Byron Hobson 4/16
Eugene Diamond, Ocala, FL  7/17
Tessa Drury Living Trust, Lowell, FL  1/16
Cecile Dunn, Dunn Haven Farm, Weirsdale, FL  2/16
Kathy Edgell, Ocala, FL  1/17
Lynn Esapite, Summerfield, FL  2/17
Howard & Fairy Eskildsen, Ocala, FL 5/17
Robert & Kay Estes, Alachua, FL  1/16
Denise Evans, Ocala, FL  1/16
Fine Arts for Ocala, Ocala, FL  in memory of Luna Weakley’s beloved horse 10/16
Ralph Flood, The Villages, FL  4/16
Lawrence & Faith Giguere, The Villages, FL  1/17
Daniel Godsden, Ocala, FL  (4/16)
Greater Ocala Womans Club, Ocala, FL  5/16
Sue Gustavson, Dunnellon, FL  5/16
Mary Jenkins, Ocala, FL  4/16
Journeyman Bloodstock Services, Inc., Ocala, FL  5/17 (5/17)
C. Wayne & Susan King, Ocala, FL  5/16
Kiscellus Trust, Ocala, FL  4/16
Bruce & Katherine Kole, The Villages, FL  12/16
Kathy Looper, Lebanon, KY in Memory of James Byron Hobson 4/16
Kirby & Sandra Manning, Oc
ala, FL  1/16
Cynthia Marchese, Ocala, FL  3/16
James & Lynette Miller, Ft. Myers, FL 1/16
O. Napoleon Monroe, Lancaster, PA  3/17
Jim & Maryanne Montgomery, Ocala, FL  4/16
John Morse, Ocala, FL  (7/16)
Alicia Moran in Memory of James Byron Hobson 4/16
Palm Cay Bingo, Ocala, FL  2/16
William & Claudia Parkhurst, Williston, FL  (7/16)
Bert & Eileen Ritter, Belleview, FL  1/17
Jay & Holly Rubin, Ocala, FL in Memory of James Hobson 5/16
Michael & Michele Rumpf, Ootewah, TN 12/16
Richard Schneider, Ocala, FL 7/17
Fred & Nellie Jean Schunmann, Ocala, FL  1/17
Tom & Kathy Sparks, Ocala, FL  1/17
Norman & Barbara Stein, Summerfield, FL 11/16
James & Nancy Steinmark, Summerfield, FL  8/17
Don Stewart Stables, Ocala, FL  1/17
Kenneth Ward, Ocala, FL  in memory of Pauline Ward 5/16
Nina Whitener, Williston, FL  4/16
Thea Wilcox, Summerfield, FL  (3/17)

SEATTLE SLEW DONORS (Annual gifts of $50-99)
Robert & Mary Barger, Ocala, FL  (7/16)
Bravelets, Austin, TX  3/16
Charles Brydon, Waynetown, IN  (9/16)
Diane Calfee, Floral City, FL  12/16
Karen Campbell, The Villages, FL  5/16
Sheila Cowen, Inverness, FL 5/16
Roger & Joan Crayton in honor of Royce’s birthday, The Villages, FL  (4/16)
Janet Dobson, The Villages, FL (1/15)
Equine Medical Center of Ocala, Ocala, FL  In memory of Heather Kimball-Spence 3/16
Evans Discount Foods, Ocala FL 5/16  
Good Apple Equine Consignment, Ocala, FL (5/15)
Sue Havel, Ocala, FL 12/16
Alfred & Kathryn Herndon, Floral City, FL  1/17
Jack Huggins, Webster, NY  1/16

Gayle Hutton, The Villages, FL  9/16
Don & April Irvin, Hockey, TX (11/16)
Laura Click, The Villages 12/16
Bonnie Jacobs, Hernando, FL  5/16
Kristen Martinello, Morriston, FL (11/16)
Micanopy Animal Hospital, Micanopy, FL  2/16
National Association of Social Workers, The Villages, FL  2/17
On Top of The World Singles Club, Ocala, FL  4/17
Patricia Patrick, Summerfield, FL 12/16
PM Respiratory Services, Ocala, FL  6/16
Gail Rocke, Pekin, IL  1/16
Holly Rubin, Ocala, FL  12/16
M.L. Sahr, Ocala, FL  7/17
Frank & Jill Stopka, Ocala, FL 3/16
Donna Valyko, Chardon, OH
Glen & Betty Venable, Zellwood, FL  5/16
Norma Vollmar Trust, Summerfield, FL  Irene Gentile Fund 2/16
Ceil Waters, Savannah, GA  in memory of Jay William “Buddy” Lee 10/16
Linda Weimann, Fernandina Beach, FL  1/17

RUFFIAN DONORS (Annual gifts of $25-49)
Helena Baldyga, West Hurley, NY  8/17
Barbara Combs, The Villages, FL  (7/16)
Jacqueline DeRosa, Lady Lake, FL  in the name of Doris Devoti (9/16)
Samuel & Deborah Farrell, Gainesville, GA 1/17
Fakhoury Medical and Chiropractic Center, Ocala, FL  8/17
W. Giordano, In Honor of Sierra Handy, The Villages, FL  2/16
Mary Ann Hamrick, Ocala, FL  1/17
Karen Holgate, Ocala, FL  10/16
Daniel & Pamela Klick, Napierville, IL  (7/16)
William & Nancy Maleske, Ocala, FL  (4/16)
John & Susan Neubauer, The Villages 1/17
Jon Orr, Summerfield, FL  1/16
Ceil Water, Ocala, FL  in Memory of “Emma”, beloved cat of Carol Sonenshein 5/16                

FRIENDS OF MTRA (Annual gifts of under $25)
Dale & Janet Barber, Ocala, FL  (1/16)
Dennis & Mary Callahan, Ocala, FL 4/16
Doggie Dude Ranch, Ocala, FL  1/16
Sherry Herndon, Inverness, FL 1/17
Lisa Hunter, Ocala, FL  (7/16)
Linda Daley-Stevenson, Citrus, FL  12/16
Francis & Cathy King, Ocala, FL  1/17
Diana Meierhenry, Ocala, FL  2/17
Guiomar Tamen, Ocala, FL  1/17
Alfred & Madeline Weiss, Ocala, FL  (1/16)